Seattle Travel Guide

One word…Starbucks. Around every street corner and intersection, there’s another coffee shop waiting to take your order. Maybe because Seattle is where Starbucks was established or maybe just for people to keep up with the rush of the city. But Seattle is more than just coffee. Here are my Top 5 things to do when in Seattle.

♥♥♥♥♥  Pike Place Market

This is my all-time favorite place to go in the city. The market is buzzing with color–from the flower shops to the fish markets to the pop-up art stands. It takes time to adjust to city time, but once I was used to the hustle of the big city, I was all-in. I could have stayed all day, walking around and listening to street musicians. I bought some honey and all-natural beeswax deodorant at a little shop called Sunny Honey Company and some post cards to send back home. The big shops are flashy and fun, but the smaller hole-in-the-wall places were more exciting, and if you look around for long enough, you’ll eventually find a little peaceful nook that looks out over the water.

♥♥♥♥  MoPOP

The people in my group were not as impressed with Museum of Pop Culture as I was. My friends came out of MoPOP saying it was “too short” and there “wasn’t enough to see and do.” I was more impressed with the museum than they were. I thought all the exhibits were very interesting and detailed. I enjoyed the sports room, SciFi room, and guitar exhibit, although my favorite was the interactive music room. There was the option to record your own song, so of course I took that opportunity. I’m not necessarily gifted when it comes to music, but I can now say I have my very own song on my very own CD.

♥♥♥♥  Chihuly Museum

At the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, there’s more to enjoy than just the art itself. There are seasonal events to attend in the gardens, such as “Yoga Under Glass,” “Brunch + Art,” and an included open demonstration where tourists can watch artists do their thing. General admission is about $22 for adults and $14 for youth and is definitely worth it, considering all the different exhibits and activities. At the entrance, look up and you’ll see the best view of the Space Needle in all of Seattle.

♥♥  Space Needle

Going to Seattle without seeing the space needle is like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. It would have been worth it to have just looked at the needle from the ground on your way to the Chihuly museum. Going all the way up is an overrated tourist magnet. It’s just the same as Reunion Tower or any tall tourist building I’ve ever been up to the top of. It’s definitely not a place to visit with acrophobia and the pictures are cooler from the bottom anyway.

♥♥♥♥  Gum wall

Underneath the Pike Place Market is a magical alley, covered floor to ceiling in chewed gum. If we’re being honest, I was originally only interested in going because of the famous scene from Love Actually. This slightly awesome, slightly gross attraction is open to the public and a good place to visit on a low budget. Don’t forget your camera because this site is a backdrop for the perfect Insta pic, just don’t get your hair stuck in the gum. Like I did.

Overall, my Seattle trip was a thrilling 5 day adventure. The city was packed full of music, culture, and shopping. I would highly recommend a trip to this colorful northwestern city.


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