Haiti Mission Trip

Half the adventure was the ride there. After reaching our connecting stop in Miami, my group boarded 3 different planes, spent about 3 hours in the plane on the tarmac, waiting to take off. It never happened. After a 17-hour delay, a total of 24 hours of travel, and a short hotel stay not far from the airport, we were finally able to make our departure to Port au Prince, Haiti. The Lord works in mysterious ways and this time spent in travel brought us closer together as a team and helped us learn to put our trust in Him, no matter the circumstances.


We spent most of our time out in the village of Leveque, going home to home to establish a relationship with the people through the local church and to spread the word of Jesus. I met many unique people along the way, but one of my favorites was on the first day. It was a family of 5 with one little boy and two little girls. One of the girls was less than 12 months old and we all got to hold her and rock her and play with her. When we asked the family about their water situation, the father answered that their main water supply was the rain. They would put out buckets to fill up on the occasion of a rainstorm. That night, I sat in my quiet time, listening to the pitter patter of rain on our roof, knowing God is the ultimate provider for all who put their trust in Him.

The Lord is putting things into perspective for me, looking at the beautiful mountains and beaches and people contrasted against their harsh living conditions. Nothing here is done for comfort or luxury and we are somewhat in “survival mode.” I’m eating foods I wouldn’t dare touch in the U.S.A., purely because I need the protein or nutrition to keep my energy up.


I’ve established such wonderful relationships with members of my KLIFE team through this time together. The Malara I was taking to prevent Malaria made me a bit delirious at some points, so a huge shoutout to them for putting up with me as I did some crazy stuff (including singing a lullaby version of Despacito to a crying Haitian child and dabbing at semi-inappropriate times).

God is truly moving through the Haitian people and although each of us played just a small part at Mission of Hope, little by little we form an army of warriors fighting for the Lord and together we can truly make change. I believe everyone needs to see what I saw during my week in Haiti and experience the life changing scenarios in this beautiful country. If you have any questions at all or are thinking about visiting Haiti in the future, please let me know through the Contact tab at the top of your page!

Happy travels!


Some verses to help sum up my time in Haiti—

Philippians 4:19

Romans 5:1-21

John 14:26

Photography by Katherine Lorio, Gigi Lorio, Kaylee Wright, Ellie Orr, and Christi Krikorian.

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